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Advertising for Small Businesses

Billboard advertising is very suitable to draw attention to events.
Commercials on television and in so-called metropolitan regional radio stations are much cheaper than in nationwide media occurring.

The situation is different if you do not want to address a wide audience, but a very specific target group. Do you offer, for example, a product or service for the pharmaceutical industry, then you need to establish contacts with relevant engineers, product managers or marketing managers.

Depending on the target group is decisive for the purchase of your product or use your service. This is usually relatively expensive. But for this, there are different options:
Book ads in the magazines in your industry, which is read by your target audience. Call in doubt at the issuing publishing the journal. This can usually tell you exactly who reads the magazine.

Take advantage of trade shows. Again, often the presentation at a joint stand with other companies is cheaper than running your own item.

Write your target audience directly, potentially recoverable if the order volume to justify this expense. Mostly it is very complicated to make the appropriate people in larger companies identify and then to write. Then it is often better to work with a specialized marketing agency that already has an address pool for different contacts in large companies.

Sound tough? Do not get discouraged right – successes are often not immediately earned. Keep at it.

Even without ostensible purpose of selling it to let customers win. Because only decisive factor is that potential buyers find you. Not be underestimated in this context, the word-of-mouth your previous customers that attracts new buyers.

You can not, however, force the. This can be achieved only through good performance. More options offer public relations activities. Distribute at specific occasions releases to the press. These reports about you, you can reach in one fell swoop many readers, listeners or viewers without having to pay for these additional advertising. To do this, follow these steps:

Think about what messages might be of interest to the public. Have you opened a new branch? Are you the oldest artisan operation of the city? Offer from next month a new service? Were you involved in a community project? There are surprisingly large demand for a particular product?

Then select the target media: Eligible especially regional newspapers, local ad papers, journals, regional or thematic specialized Internet portals or regional radio stations come.

Write your press release. Do not forget the hint that you were ready for an interview or a photo shoot.

After sending the press releases you should tackle them a few days later by phone if your letter has arrived at the right place.

Advertising with e-mails and Internet

The regional search the internet for service providers and products is becoming more and more weight. If you are unable to find online, so you will contact potential customers lost. Electronic advertising by e-mail, with its own website or Internet marketing has the advantage that it is relatively inexpensive.

For example, are no printing and shipping costs. The following tips may therefore be useful for you:

A dedicated website has become one of the standard. Pay online but also on the professionalism of your appearance – if in doubt you should seek help from an expert in the creation of your website.

Bid on the website at the possibility that the visitors appointed a so-called newsletter. The visitor enters his email address and you will receive regular messages, for example on new products or special offers. You also can use news about your company or industry. If you do not have enough material for its own newsletter, but you distribute a common newsletter with partner companies.
Get listed in the “Yellow Pages” on the Internet. Another industry book is

There, the entry is free for three months. If the display is working, you can publish it cheaply every year.

Especially in small and specialized regional portals enables you to advertising on the Internet.

Ask each for the conditions.

More and more buyers compare the Internet, where there are the cheapest and best products.

Register yourself on directories as a dealer to be found by potential buyers.

Many Internet users go into so-called forums if they want to learn about products.

Enter a search engine and search for the name of your product. Find a forum for your product, ask the operator first by e-mail, if you can write entries as traders.

If you get permission, you can operate in-house advertising to your target audience.
Finally, you can promote your products or services also at an online auction site such as eBay offer.

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